Instagram Marketing Tip #1

Instagram Marketing
Instagram Marketing

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We are about to begin a series of posts on “The Instagram Marketing Business“, or as I like to say, the Business of Instagram Marketing. Let’s have a focus today on some best practices for business when it comes to this amazing platform. If you follow these practices of tips, it will “skyrocket” your business this year by getting you more customers and much greater engagement.

Instagram Marketing Tip #1 – start sharing user-generated content.

Let’s go directly to Instagram and look at a prime example of what we mean by this in Instagram Marketing.

Instagram Marketing User-Generated Content Example # 1

Somebody that is doing this extremely well on Instagram is this guy I want to share with you, Greg o Gallagher. This guy is a fitness Guru and has helped a lot of people get fit. Now, this is not an advertisement for Greg, but a “real” example of success on using Instagram Marketing for Business. Take a look at his site. I have a graphic here of his page. What you see is that he’s doing an incredible job when it comes to sharing user-generated content because what this does is it just blows up that social proof.

If people, for example, are hesitant on buying your product or if they just landed on your page and they want to get a feel of what you’re all about, sharing user-generated content is extremely powerful. It is an excellent way of instantly giving them a good idea about what you’re about, and what they can expect when getting your product. This is an excellent way to expand your Instagram Marketing. Greg OGallagher, as you can see from the graphic, or if you actually go to his site, is doing this extremely well. Right off the bat here on his page, you can see some user-generated content. Right here basically he’s got this transformation.

Instagram Marketing
Instagram Marketing

So for those of you guys who don’t know Greg o Gallagher, he’s a fitness guru and he owns Kinobody, a huge fitness company. He is sharing basically his student’s results. So you can see that one guy on his site has had a crazy transformation in his physical body appearance. You can see he went from very fit actually to a lot bulkier and just a lot more muscles. If you go to Greg’s page and keep scrolling down, you can see another picture of this super skinny guy that in just a short time has transformed into a totally different looking person right on the page with Greg’s superhero program. He uses the technique of User Generated content very well in his Instagram Marketing.

What this immediately does is gives people a much better feel of what kinds of results they’re gonna get with Greg o Gallagher programs. Keep in mind, we are not promoting any of these sites, but we are intending to give you real-life examples of what we mean by these tips we are giving you to grow your Instagram sites for your businesses with your Instagram Marketing promotions.

Instagram Marketing User-Generated Content Example # 2

Another example I want to give you of using this technique in your Instagram Marketing Strategy, is this lady, Huda Kattan with her site “Hudabeauty”. It’s just a random page that we want to use as an example. It’s got an insane amount of followers, actually 34 million. But this page, as well as this girl who’s the owner behind this page, is really really good at sharing user-generated content as well. Why? … because you can see just right off the bat there’s a lot of different people using her products on their own skin.

internet Marketing
internet Marketing

Now, this is related to any niche on Instagram or any industry. When it comes to skin products, for example, people have different skin, people are different. Some people should probably not use this typical eyeliner and some other person should probably use this eyeliner as an example. So, when you’ve got user-generated content on your page, people can instantly see how this business product should be applied to their own unique skin type and how it will work for them. You’ve got so many different people here actually using the makeup. For example, you will have one person using a specific type of makeup whatever it is, and then you’ve got some other person with a completely different face using another product. And then you’ve got this other person with a completely different face and skin tone. So you can really get a feel about how the entire product line works and what the business has to offer.

You see, if you’re just posting specific pictures of your products without actually using user-generated content, it’s very narrow and people can’t really get a full feeling about what your product does and how it can be used on their specific skin or whatever the product is.

Therefore, in summary, this is tip number one, sharing user-generated content with your audience when creating your Instagram Marketing programs. This is one key way that helps really build a close community and connection with your followers. If for example, I am following a huge business such as if I were to follow Greg o Gallagher and he posts my fitness transformation on his Instagram account, I would be pumped. I would be, oh Greg o Gallagher I love you. I’ll never leave your brand. I’ll be the most number one loyal follower. You see, people connect much better with businesses that actually share user-generated content because to you it becomes more authentic and natural. It doesn’t feel like a business anymore. It just feels like a friend. Or, you might say you feel you have a relationship with that person so it’s a great way to enhance your branding, especially on the Instagram platform. 

Instagram Marketing!

Instagram Marketing
Instagram Marketing


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