Instagram Storytelling! A way to make your account grow and draw fans into your business.

Instagram Story
Instagram Story

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Instagram Storytelling.

A short time ago we began a series of posts on “The Instagram Marketing Business“, or as I like to say, the Business of Instagram Marketing. We reviewed and analyzed our first tip which was about “sharing user-generated content.” We received a number of great responses on that one.

So today we start with our second tip:

Instagram Marketing Tip #2 – “Use Instagram Storytelling In Your Content.”

Now what we mean by this is that you need to share more than just a plain picture on your page, but to actually tell a story in your content. So let’s examine this concept of Instagram Storytelling.

So, first of all. you might ask, “how do we do this?” This Instagram Storytelling. I’m glad you asked. So here is my answer. A great way to do this on Instagram is to use the carousel feature that they now have. Now let’s look at somebody that is extremely good with storytelling. And by the way, there are multiple ways of going about it by using the “carousel.

Instagram Storytelling with Videos

So, let’s look at two great examples as we look at a company that is actually using Instagram Storytelling and highlights in their marketing. That company that is extremely good at this is Red Bull. So if you look at the screenshot below, you can see they’ve got a really big following. But if I click on the athletes’ button and continue on, you can see that they’re telling a story in their content. You can see that they’re actually telling the story behind who won, what they did, what they worked on, and for how long they did this.

For example, you can see the entire Instagram Storytelling process for Daniella Ryf. How she set a new Ironman world record, a new Kona course record, and a new bike record. They’re telling a full story and this helps connect with your audience extremely, extremely well by just doing just this. And you can see it’s fairly simple. You don’t have to go as advanced as Red Bull by using video clips, and by having the text pop-up.

Instagram Storytelling
Instagram Storytelling

All you need to do is just have a picture and just add text to the picture. They’re doing this frequently as well, but all you need to do is just take a single picture, add some text to it, and then take another picture further down the process. Just further down the line of whatever you do and write the text. Then keep on doing that so people actually can see the step by step process of whatever you’re doing. That’s Instagram Storytelling.

For example, in businesses you are working on projects constantly. You are always doing something. So what you need to do is to share this process by taking pictures during this process. Then share it to your Instagram story and just write a bit up text about whatever is going on. This is such a powerful way of connecting with your audience by actually giving them some insights as to what’s going on. Instagram Storytelling is the way to go.

Instagram Storytelling With The Carousel.

Then we have the carousel. Let’s look at a specific example. Let’s look at a site called “mrbeast”. This is someone who is actually doing this really well. By the way, mrbeast markets merchandise like hoodies and t-shirts. And does it very well.

One example as you can see on our graphic is that he just did this collaboration with tons of YouTubers. It was an event where they came together and they all played laser tag or some shooting game with a whole bunch of YouTubers. You can see that he’s got posts that documented bits of the process of whatever they did. You can see the first picture where everyone’s happy and smiling, looking super excited. Then there’s the second picture where people are preparing themselves for the actual game. If you go to the site you can see further pictures. A great example of Instagram Storytelling.

Instagram Storytelling
Instagram Storytelling

The bottom line is this. He is just sharing what’s really going on and his goal with this Instagram post was to promote his video and get people to actually go and watch the video on his YouTube channel. And the use of Instagram Storytelling like this works really well.

Now for your business. How can you use the carousel? What type of content can you post and how can you tell a story with your content? For example, let’s say you’re a delivery business and you deliver food to people’s doors. All you need to do is just document the trip. Document it right at the start from where you’re actually picking up the order. This is where you go into the restaurant and you pick up the food. You take a picture with the restaurant owner and the food. Then you’re delivering the food to the door to this guy let’s say, and you ask him if you can take a picture with him excited about getting the food. You tell him he will be featured on your Instagram account and you will tag him and he will probably get more followers. A win-win for everyone.

And with that Instagram Storytelling, you’re showing your audience how happy your customers are when getting your products. This can be applied to any business that you have. Just sit down and y=think it through, plan each step, and then go for it. Instagram Storytelling really, really works. Take it from me!!

What we have shared here with you are ways that you can tell your story on Instagram. We call it storytelling. It works and grabs people and it grows your business. Instagram Storytelling.

I hope this helps, and until our next blog post, “Make All Your Instagram Stories Great Ones!

Instagram Storytelling.

Story Mate
Story Mate


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