WP Coursify – Create Your Own Udemy Like Course Selling Site With Our Course Creator Software


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Get Into This Amazing Market With Our Course Creator Software

Using our Course Creator Software, Sell Online Courses and Earn Passive Income with a WordPress Site using this amazing software plugin called WP Coursify.

What Does The Online Course Industry Look Like Today?

Did you know that online education is a 51 billion dollar industry? Yes, 51 billion dollars and sites like Udemy, Udacity, and Coursera are raising millions in this space. Another site, lynda.com, was recently sold to LinkedIn for 1.5 billion dollars. Amazing, right?

In the past number of years until now, the online education sector has been big. Yes, big! But now it has exploded into this enormous multi-billion dollar industry with no signs of slowing down. 

You might be familiar with popular websites like Udemy, Coursera, EdX, or Lynda.com. They are earning millions of dollars every month. So, if you want to earn that big, make and publish your own online courses.

That’s why we decided to think big and create a product that will help you take a big bite of the education space with our Course Creator Software.

Introducing WP Coursify, Our Course Creator Software!

This is the perfect Course Creator Software that helps you create your own educational site and that sells online courses just like any of these billion-dollar popular sites. Yet it is a WordPress Plugin. Don’t let these rich mega organizations that want all the money tell you that you cannot do it with a WordPress Plugin. Why? Because we are doing it today!

Listen to what this Amazing Course Creator Software Plugin does. It’s a brand new WordPress plugin that actually lets you launch a Udemy like course publishing business in under five minutes. And then gives you a platform to sell these courses online. Yes, you can create a great looking site with WordPress and publish unlimited courses. You can sell them to unlimited students while keeping 100% of the profits. All with our Course Creator Software.

That’s how our early adopter customers have been able to make two thousand three hundred ninety dollars in less than one month. Want to know about the software that made it happen?

WP Coursify-- Course Creator Software
WP Coursify Course Creator Software

What Is WP Coursify our Course Creator Software?

Well, let me tell you about it. When you get your copy of WP Coursify our Course Creator Software, you do not only get the plugins software, but you also get an amazing theme that looks just like the one you saw on the above video.

Your courses can be published on one site, and when you go into the details pages, visitors can see an overview of the entire course. And then they can buy the course in seconds. Right after that, they’ll get instant access to the course without any manual work. Everything is done seamlessly with WP Coursify.

You could even cross-sell visitors into other courses and make more sales from each customer with WP Coursify our Course Creator Software. So you can get a complete looking site ready in minutes. And get this, if you don’t have any courses, don’t worry because there are plenty of PLR courses available for cheap that you can buy and sell unlimited times as your own using WP Coursify.

It’s that simple, but here’s the best part. We’ve made adding courses super simple with our quick course maker module. All you have to do is add your course name, add a course code to find the price for it, then simply add a URL of any page that has YouTube or Vimeo training videos on it and within seconds WP Coursify will import all the videos into the course as lessons. You could do this for every module of the course. Within seconds your course is ready and published. Now your visitors and students can buy this course and send payments to you on complete auto-pilot.

Another important thing. Unlike other platforms, with WP Coursify there are no transaction fees, no course listing fees and you’ll never be asked to pay up to 75 % of your income as fees like Udemy and Udacity require you to do. These education/learning platform sites are raising millions of dollars in funding and growing fast.

Features Of WP Coursify, Our Course Creator Software

  1. Add & Sell Unlimited Online Courses from Your Site With Our Course Creator Software – Whether you launch one site or multiple sites, you will be able to add unlimited courses to your site and sell them online. No limits on how many sales or courses you sell. Add all YOUR Courses in just a few minutes.
  1. Add Unlimited Students With Our Course Creator Software – Many products add limitations based on users.. we don’t. We want you to grow and profit from your business so, with WP Coursify, you can sell to unlimited students, sell in any part of the world.
  1. Quick Course Maker – Publish A Course in 60 seconds With Our Course Creator Software – Our Quick Course Maker module has been designed for speed. You won’t have to manually paste codes and content, just give it a page URL and it will automatically fetch all videos from that page and turn it into a course…BOOM – just like that.
  1. Sell Video Courses, PDFs, Text + Image Content With Our Course Creator Software With Our Course Creator Software – There is absolutely no limit to what kind of content you can sell using this – video courses, PDF training, HTML or Rich Content, anything you want with WP Coursify.
  1. Fully Protected – Secure Content Delivery With Our Course Creator Software – The content delivery is seamless – once the user buys a course, he has secure access to that course online and all its related resources & the courses is automatically added to his account.
  1. Simple Step by Step Course Creator With Our Course Creator Software – Course creation is simple – if you can copy-paste content from one document to another, that’s the only skill you need. Adding text, images, videos is a piece of cake with WP Coursify.
  1. Add Unlimited Chapters & Modules per Course With Our Course Creator Software – There is no limit to how much content you can add to each course, unlimited modules & chapters. Break your course up into any parts you want. Complete freedom.
  1. Zero Transaction Fees, Monthly or Yearly Fees With Our Course Creator Software – We’re sick of platforms that take away up to 75% of your income as fees. Then there are others that take 5% to 10% on every sale. Crazy, I know. That’s why with WP Coursify, there is no fees, just download once & use forever.
  1. Sell Offline Courses & Enroll Students Online With Our Course Creator Software – This is not just for online courses, but if you run offline workshops and training, you can use Coursify to sell those online, take bookings and accept payments.
  1. Accept Payments via Paypal – Paypal is the world’s most popular way to pay easily and WP Coursify integrates seamlessly with Paypal for accepting payments.
  1. Offer Free Courses as Lead Magnets – The #1 way to grow your site is to get more users to signup and offering free courses is the best way to do that. WP Coursify lets you use free courses as lead magnets and grow your user base.
  1. Accept Offline Payments With Our Course Creator Software – Got customers who cannot pay online? No worries. WP Coursify lets customers make offline payments in cash or bank wire payments and the admin can manually enable/disable course access based on that.
  1. Intelligent Dashboard for Users & Admin – All your students, courses and detailed course stats are available in a beautiful dashboard for you to track and see everything in a single view.
  1. Detailed Revenue & Sales Reports – Want to see how your online business is doing? Coursify comes with complete reports and dashboard for sales. You can see daily, monthly and course-wise breakup of income and sales from within your dashboard.

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How Does It Work?

This is super easy to use. You just need to carefully follow the steps on the above video.


Do you want to create your own success story like that? Then WP Coursify is your answer, With this plug-in, you’ll have the power to publish all your courses onto one single site and take your business to the next level. Selling info products is a multi-billion dollar industry and as an online marketer, you are already selling info products to customers be it PDF courses, video courses, HTML content, or any other format. You could sell any kind of content in courses with WP Coursify.

Do you want to use free courses as lead magnets yes? WP Coursify can do that too for you. Do you want to publish unlimited courses and make a big education portal for passive income? Yes WP Coursify can do that for you as well.

Take a big step now in making your own educational portal. Earn evergreen passive income now.

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WP Coursify our Course Creator Software
WP Coursify our Course Creator Software